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Amaranth Herb Health Benefits

Amaranth is an annual herb; its stout, upright stem grows 3-4 feet high and bears alternate, oblong-lanceolate pointed, green leaves that have a red-purplish spot.


Amaranth is rich in essential vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin K and folic acid (vitamin B9). Amaranth promotes a healthy immune system.


It prevents many types of cancer. Regular consumption of Amaranth improves the quality of blood and promotes healthy blood circulation.


Regular consumption of amaranth helps in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.


It promotes healthy functioning of thyroid glands. Regular consumption of amaranth prevents nausea and giddiness. 


Amaranth strengthens the nervous system. It prevents loss of hearing. Amaranth contains dietary fiber.


Regular consumption of amaranth promotes healthy digestive system.


Amaranth is known to prevent constipation and haemorrhoids. It is found to be effective in stopping diarrhoea.


Amaranth contains large amounts of protein, up to 30% more than wheat flour, rice and oats.


The protein contained in amaranth is also unusually complete when compared to other plant sources, containing a complete set of amino acids.


Therefore, different sources to obtain the daily recommended dose of protein are not needed.


Also, amaranth lacks gluten, which is a problematic protein contained in many true grains.


The oils in amaranth have been shown to help prevent and treat those with hypertension and cardiovascular disease.


Regular consumption of amaranth can reduce cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure.


Amaranth is excellent in the pursuit of weight loss. Its high-protein content with the complex carbohydrate structure makes it a favoured food for weight loss.


This protein is not accompanied with fat or cholesterol. The high fiber in amaranth also keeps you full longer.


It is also a very popular grain with people who suffer from diabetes.


The high-fiber content of the food makes it a low GI or glycemic index food, and a food suited to people who eat a balanced diet to control their glucose levels.

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