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Aguaje Oil Health Benefits

Aguaje fruit is revered in the Amazon for its insanely high levels of carotenoids and pro-vitamin A. Its oil is cold pressed from the fruit. The oil is extremely high in unsaturated fatty acids, which rebuild and hydrate skin cells as it protects our natural collagen and elastin.


Additionally high in Vitamin E, a known antioxidant in skin care, it restores moisture to sun-exposed skin.


Aguaje increases the estrogen level, which causes fat to be transferred to a woman’s most feminine areas. 


Consistently consuming aguaje on a regular basis will cause you to achieve a bigger butt, larger breasts, thicker thighs and a much curvier figure.


The oil of the fruit is shaping up to be the next big thing in skin care.


Because the fruit is naturally rich in oils, the drinks made from it taste creamy.


Usually eaten raw, the buriti palm fruit is also made into jams, juices, liqueurs and desserts all possessing a distinctive and unique flavour.


The oil is rich in palmitic, linoleic and arachidic acids, and it is also an excellent source of tocopherols, which provide superior antioxidant activity.


The anti-inflammatory activity of the oil is beneficial in cases of rough or sensitive skin, redness, rashes, and irritation.


And the photo-protective properties of the oil help skin cells to better withstand the potentially damaging UVA and UVB rays of the sun.


This last activity makes buriti oil suitable for use in sun-protection products.


The essential oils support the body to come back into balance without harmful side effects or chemical based products.


It’s important to purchase the purest essential oils available. Research the product line to ensure the items are organic; anything else could do more harm than good.


Avoid the temptation to go for the cheapest option, which is likely mixed with synthetic chemicals or heavily diluted.


Also, be sure the oil is sold in a dark glass bottle. This will ensure light doesn’t get to the oil, deteriorating it over time.

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