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Agrimony Oil Health Benefits

Agrimony is a fairly common herb that is a member of the Rosaceae or rose family. There are more than twelve different species of this perennial herb throughout Europe, Asia and North America.


In some species this down is quite thick giving these the description of Hairy Agrimony.


The leaves are dark green and at the bottom of the plant can be rather large; often seven or more inches long.


The leaves reduce in size from the bottom of the plant to the top with those nearest the top being on average about three inches.


The small bright yellow flowers are arranged tightly on individual spikes.


Both the leaves and the flowers are scented and depending on species the aroma varies from that of apricots to lemons.


Its oil is steam distilled from the stem; agrimony oil is an excellent choice for the hair as it stops hair thinning and promotes healthy hair growth leaving your hair strong, thick, and shiny again.


And the best part: it takes only few sessions to see that your hair stopped falling out and is on its way to becoming healthy again.


Great and strong hair requires vitamins, minerals, and non-stressful atmosphere.


The last one is almost impossible in our days. However, necessary vitamins and minerals, which are essential for healthy hair growth, can be found in herbs like agrimony.


As Agrimony also possesses an astringent action, it is frequently used in alternative medicine as an herbal mouthwash and gargle ingredient, and is applied externally in the form of a lotion to minor sores and ulcers.


As a home remedy, you can use it in your drinks to help purify the blood, as the English have done for many years. 


It can also be used as a tonic that when drank will relieve your cold or flu like symptoms.

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