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Agrimony Herb Health Benefits

Agrimony is a common herb that is a member of the Rosaceae or rose family. There are more than twelve different species of this perennial herb throughout Europe, Asia and North America.


Agrimony is mostly used in modern herbal practice as a mild astringent and a tonic, the tannins it contains tone the mucus membranes making it useful for alleviating the symptoms of coughs and sore throats.


Chinese medicine often used Agrimony to treat menstrual difficulties and during the middle ages this herb was used frequently as a sleep aid.


An infusion of the dried flowers and leaves makes a good gargle or mouthwash, helps clear the blood, freshens the breath, soothes sore gums and, as a footbath, has proved to be a cure for athlete’s foot.


An infusion of the leaves alone can also be used to treat bruising.


Agrimony is excellent as part of a long-term treatment for diabetes, for it lowers sugar levels and quenches thirst.


It also helps hepatitis by intensively detoxifying the liver. It can be used as a suppository combining the extract with cocoa butter and inserting into the rectum for haemorrhoids, tapeworms and diarrhoea.


The healing power is attributed to the herb’s high silica content.


A tincture is more potent and drying than the infusion, and effective if the condition involves excess phlegm or mucus. Use for cystitis, urinary infections, bronchitis and heavy menstrual bleeding.


Agrimony should be gathered when it is in full bloom and spread out to dry on a wire rack in a very sunny spot.


Turn the parts of the plant at regular intervals until it can be crumbled to a powder.


You can make a poultice of the leaves and apply to the head during migraines, or use the tisane to treat athlete’s foot, or use freshly crushed fresh leaves.


If you have conjunctivitis or other eye problems than 10 gram of the herb to 500 ml of water should be boiled together and left to cool then used as eyewash.

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