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Abiu Health Benefits

Abiu fruit wasn’t a well-known fruit on earth, simply because abiu fruit wasn’t grown in every nation around the world. The fruit is round to oval in shape, sometimes pointed, with smooth bright yellow skin. It has creamy sweet, succulent flesh which tastes like mango mixes with persimmon.


Even though brought to a number of other places around the world, the abiu remains to be fairly uncommon in Australia. The abiu tree is really a bright, heavy producer and is also fairly free of pests and also diseases.


It is just a heavily foliaged evergreen along with mild green leaves along with a thick pyramidal crown just like the mangosteen.


The skin could be leather like in consistency, 3-5 mm thicker and produce sticky latex.


As with carrot, tomatoes as well as strawberry, abiu fruit provide you with healthy and beauty eye, due to higher vitamin A content within this fruit. Alongside it, abiu fruit may also enable you to avoid several eye problem and also difficulty.


Therefore, if you wish to have beauty and health eye, simply consume abiu fruit and also feel this first advantage of abiu fruit.


The fruit of the abiu tree is edible and is eaten out of hand in most cases. In Colombia, it is advised that if you eat the fruit, you grease your lips before eating it in order to keep the gummy latex from sticking to their lips.


The fruit of the abiu is also used in ice cream.In Brazil alone, abiu pulp is used to relieve coughs, bronchitis, and respiratory complaints or lungs.


Medically, it is used for many things such as astringent, anti-anaemic, and anti-inflammatory. The abiu varies a lot in form, size and quality of the fruit.


Some have soft and others firm flesh. Some taste bland while others have very nice flavour.

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