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Noni Plant

Noni is a small evergreen tree in the Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia, Australia, and India that often grows among lava flows. Today, noni fruit, leaves, flowers, stems, bark, and roots are still used to make medicine for a long list of ailments.


However, the effectiveness of noni for these uses has not been proven.


The fruit juice is used for arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, muscle aches and pains, menstrual difficulties, headaches, heart disease, AIDS, cancers, gastric ulcers, sprains, depression, senility, poor digestion, atherosclerosis, circulation problems, and drug addiction.


Ancient Hawaiians used Noni fruit for both internal and topical applications.


Noni is still used by the local population in Hawaii for diabetes, high blood pressure, heart health maintenance, abnormal growths, and other chronic disorders, though no controlled human clinical studies exist to support these uses.


An important anti-oxidant and trace element found in Noni juice that preserves the skin’s elasticity, thus slowing the aging process.


Selenium also increases oxygen flow to the heart and may prevent blood clotting and hypertension.


Noni might exert a preventative and protective action against cancer during the initiation stage, which is the first phase of the formation of the cancer.


Many feel antioxidant activity is an important function of Noni juice and one of the reasons so many people have reported success with cancer while using the juice.


Noni can aid in the regulation of insulin secretion by the pancreas, helping control diabetes.


Drinking Noni may also help relieve diabetic symptoms through its ability to stimulate the body’s production of nitric oxide.


Both may also be important factors in decreasing symptoms such as poor circulation and vision problems.


Noni is high in potassium. People who are on potassium-restricted diets because of kidney problems should avoid using noni.


There have been reports of liver damage from using noni.


It should be avoided if you have liver disease because it contains compounds that may make your disease worse.

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